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Enhanced and led by founder and innovator, Maria Kealy of ‘Maria Kealy Fitness’, MA.KE Health aims to promote physical and mental wellness through technological techniques and solutions. Whether clients are seeking aid with injury recovery, injury prevention or simply to assist in their weight loss and/or physical and mental improvement process, MA.KE Health has the experience, expertise and technological solution to ensure the client can reach their desired goal.

Maria has 18 years of industry experience centred around fitness training techniques, injury recovery and prevention, and overall physical improvement. MA.KE Health will ensure that each individuals experience will be tailored to their individual requirements. Clients will be able to avail of our wide library of tutorials, personalised advice and sessions with our specialised equipment. Monthly consultations will also be available.


Each client will be fully informed and guided through the use of all available equipment, learning about and observing the proven health benefits of infra-red technology (transformation pod) and liquid nitrogen therapy (cryo-therapy chamber).

The Kilmessan gym started off as a research and development facility and is now a thriving gym in the heart of the village with members of all ages and backgrounds. Maria’s goals stretch beyond the Kilmessan gym.

“I don’t want to be in competition with anyone, I want to sell the concept and machines into other fitness studios and spread awareness about what we’re doing here. We’ve seen incredible results and I can’t keep up with the demand in our Kilmessan gym. I plan to get MA.KE Health concepts into gyms, healthcare facilities, club houses, fitness studios and beauty rooms across the country. The benefits are too good to keep to ourselves!!”

Many of us have a family member or a friend who has been affected by a seriously debilitating illness or disease such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, strokes, angina and heart attack, visual or hearing impairment, or indeed have had a major accident related rehabilitation to cope with. People in this situation and their families long for a sustainable and realistic way of improving their health, their lifestyle, and they want to live longer! Similarly, professional athletes depend on their performance levels to maintain a long and busy career in their sport of choice. MA.KE Health works with a range of clients from every walk of life and they all have one thing in common- success with MA.KE Health.