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Here’s what some of our clients had to say:

Eoin Sheehy:

Eoin is 29 years old and suffered life threatening injuries during a hiking accident 3 years ago. He suffered a major brain injury and has been left completely blind with limitations to walking and all forms of exercise. In his first 8 weeks working with us, he lost 7% Body Fat and completed his first 5k (running and walking). On his last visit to his physiotherapist it was recommended that he required less physio. By being able to exercise Eoin has benefited greatly in his over-all well-being too. Eoin has returned to studying and training with an aim to return to work. The Hot pod has improved Eoin’s confidence so much, that he now takes part in regular Park Runs with a running assistant Maria.

Eamon Wallace: Irish Athlete.

“When I visit the studio, I use the cryotherapy machine followed by the Roller Machine to get the body temperature back up. This massively aids my recovery and gets the blood flowing. I get all my nutrition plans and analysis done at Transform Health. It’s been a vital part of my success so far.”

Professional National Hunt Jockey Keith Donoghue:

“I’m fitter, lighter, healthier and stronger than I’ve ever been all thanks to Transform Health. The machines are excellent. To be honest they’re a game changer when it comes to my fitness regime. To have access to facilities like a cryotherapy chamber and heated roller machine is incredible!”. To date, Keith has lost a total of 19lbs, 24inches, and is now at 13% body fat.


Joyce worked as a night superintendent but now works as a Duty Manager in an acute hospital. She had a heart attack resulting in heart failure. After 5 months using Transformation Health machines her physiotherapist, cardiologist and endocrinologist allowed her to resume work on a part time basis and to get back to light work in her garden, giving Joyce the opportunity to get back to both her passions in life.